Lyndsey Lewellen grew up on a healthy dose of comic books, punk music, and sci-fi. She infuses all three loves into novels written for young adults. Inside her “what if” worlds, her characters take risks, grow, and fight for what matters. When she’s not writing or whittling down her endless TBR, she designs novel covers and paints on shoes. She lives on a small Texas farm with her best friend/husband, five children, and what some might call a zoo of animals (especially after meeting the peacocks).

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A little more about me (in bullet form):

  • The first novel I read and enjoyed was The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy. It has romance, swordfights, and all the things! My daughter also read it in high school and loved it as much as I did.

  • I was once in a punk rock band with my husband. My favorite show we played was, of course, our wedding.

  • I went to college to become an animator. I hoped one day to draw a Disney Princess cartoon like my favorite, Beauty and the Beast.

  • After high school, I worked in a comic book store where I devoured titles featuring Rogue and Gambit. (If you haven't noticed, I'm a romantic.)

  • I fell in love with sci-fi spending hours watching the SyFy channel with my grandpa on vacation. Sometimes, I wished he'd go to bed so I could sleep. Other days, I hoped for one more Star Trek episode.

  • I'm convinced "rural" is the worst word in the English language. (Not fun for a girl who lives on a farm.)

  • I teach Bible to teen girls at my church. I love watching them grow in their faith.

  • I was born in Ohio and lived in Florida for years, but my husband and children are all native Texans.

  • I never thought I'd be a twin mom, but here I am, living the dream!

  • All my children are named after C.S. Lewis characters. (Because he wrote awesome books with cool character names.)

  • Though I can only eat it once or twice a year, I love eel and crawfish sushi.

  • My favorite book will always be the Bible. You don't get better world building than God's world building. Jesus is the best protagonist I've ever read. I love Him in literature and in real life.